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Spa Menu

Therapeutic Massage

Indulge yourself in a massage therapy session utilizing the techniques of Swedish, acupressure, and trigger point. Each session is individualized to provide the fullest benefit of relief of muscle and emotional tension, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

30 min – $65

45 min – $75

60 min – $85

75 min – $100

90 min – $120

120 min – $150


Reflexology is a holistic, energy-based modality using the thumbs and fingers to apply alternating and firm pressure to specific areas of the feet. The goal is to help the body balance and heal naturally, to break up congestion in corresponding organs, to improve circulation, and to help relieve pain and improve energy. These techniques are applied to the reflex maps of the human body which exist on the hands, feet, and ears.

30 min – $65

45 min – $75

60 min – $85

Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ultimate in therapeutic and relaxing massage combined with deep heat. Smooth basalt (volcanic) stones are heated to 130 degrees and incorporated into a deep tissue massage. This is a perfect treatment to loosen tight, stressed muscles, relieve tension, and aid in a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

60  min – $105

75  min – $120

90 min  – $140

120 min – $180

Head Neck & Face Massage

Invigorating massage done on the neck, scalp, face and jaw.  Great treatment option for people with TMJ issues, headaches or facial tension.  Includes the use of the therapeutic Vitality Extract oils Pain Away and Skin & Hair Envy (other oils may be substituted upon request).

30 min – Head, Neck & Face Massage  $75

45 min – Head, Neck & Face Massage  $85

Aromatherapy Invigorating Foot Scrub

This begins with a foot soak which relaxes the whole body, using epsom salts which have a detoxifying effect.  An exfoliating foot scrub using pure organic sugar mixed with essential oils, followed by a soothing foot massage/reflexology session.  Receive a $10 discount when you book this service with a massage.

30 min – $75 / $65 with massage

Energy Healing

Energy Healing restores balance to the flow of Energy which can decrease pain and tension, reduce anxiety and stress, and restore proper function to mind and body.  Life Force Energy (also known as “Chi” or “Prana”) can become imbalanced due to trauma, injury or mental and emotional distress.  This treatment goes well with Massage! ($10 discount when paired with another service.)

45 min – $100

60 min – $110

75 min – $120

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative

It’s Better Than Paraffin! Eco-fin is a rich blend of palm, soy, jojoba and organic coconut oils, shea butter, vitamin E and essential oils. With heat, it delivers rich moisturizers that leave the skin soft and supple. Treatments are single use, with nothing to clean or store, and 100% disposable and biodegradable. Eco-Fin can be booked as a stand alone service (the stand alone service features hand and foot massage during the treatment) or it can be booked as an add-on to a Bodywork service, in which case it does not change the service duration, and is seamlessly integrated into your Massage or Reflexology.

Eco-fin stand alone (45 min) – $85
Eco-Fin Add-on – $40


Add-ons may be included with any service on the menu, and DO NOT change the duration of the service.

Deep Tissue Massage $20

Aromatherapy for 30 or 40 minute services  $10

Aromatherapy for 60 minutes min or longer services $15

CBD Oil (this is an excellent pain relief option, and will be added into the massage cream) $15

Energy Healing  $25

Cupping  $15

Massage Cups reduce soreness and break up tissue restrictions by lifting & separating tissue layers.  Increased circulation is an added benefit.

Any of our services can be combined for 2 people to enjoy a relaxing Couples Massage (depending on therapist availability).

Spa treatments must be made at least 24 hours prior to your arrival. Please refrain from wearing jewelry, cologne, or perfume and allow enough time before your appointment for check-in and undressing. Please notify your therapists of any medical conditions or health concerns. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to arrival. Late cancellations or no-show appointments will be charged 50% of the total amount of your service.

Short notice appointments may be scheduled if available, but are not guaranteed.